the future of mine

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taken the interview of hitachi soluctions just a few days ago. waiting for the result coming out now. 

after finishing the interview, i always feel nervous these days. i wake up so early in the morning, because i am not sure i can pass the interview. 


Tomorrow I’m going to take the JLPT examination

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So quickly,One month has past. Tomorrow i’m going to take the examination. Hope that i can pass it.


A new start

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After a month’s break,we are going to prepare for the new semester within 3days.

I’m not very happy,because there will be so many classes waiting for me.I  hate having classes.But I have determined to work hard this year,to tell the truth,I made a same determination every year,but I never insist to the end,This time,I hope that I can.

I have found my direction this year,I know what should I do,and what am I going to do.In my lift,I have three words in summary,the first is AIM,the second is PLAN,and the third is INSIST,no matter what I plan to do,I should insist until the last moment comes.If I give up half-way,it is obviousely that I will get Come On!

this is me.

Feel like a failure

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Haven’t come here for a few days,because there’s no Internet access in my home.I use my mobile phone network this time.

Yesterday,I visit DanDong with my friends.I still do not know how to face her.She makes me feel that we live in different worlds,I suddenly thought that we have no common topic any more,although we were very good friends before.Now we act like strangers,I feel a little heartbreak.I know she’s going to leave here a few days later,but I don’t want to contact her.I have been traped in this kind of feeling for nearly 4 years,I think it’s the time for me to let it off.because there’s never going to have an end.

These days,I understand a lot things,I also recognize someone’s face.I know I still have a long way to go,but now,I’m not very wishes to myself…

Just like that

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Haven’t come here for a few days,tomorrow I will go home,first I’d like to stay at Zhuanghe for one or tow days,to see my classmates,then I will go home.I really learn sth these days,at least I know how to make a small application on Android platform now,and I am really proud of it.

These days,I was always trap with some kind of feelings,My classmates say that if your heart is small,then everything is big,if your heart is big,then everything is small.I don’t have a big heat,But I really try to forget these damn things,I hope I can manage these things someday in the future.

Not very bad

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I just visted our college website,the result has come out,I failed again.But I’m not feeling very bad now.I know I still have a long way to go.I won’t give up.keep going,and keep trying,I know I can get what I want at last.

Today’s schedule

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2:00P.M take the Data Structure examination

4:00 finish the examination,then go out to exchange the battery for sun.

6:00 invite Dong to have diner

12:00P.M KTV for this night


tomorrow,the summer holiday begins,but I still have some homework to do,Just a report,It’s easy,I reckon.

these days,sth really hurts me,but life is still going on,do not worry,Just try hard.

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